Mental Stress Physical Stress Emotional Stress – What’s The Magical Cure?

Stress is and was part of our lives whether we like it or not, men, women and even children have or had a stressful encounter before. Well, there many ways to deal with it, one of them is have a great ORGASM!!! If you’re feeling stressed or feel like you need a break from reality; […]

KL Escort Service | How Is The Life Like

Escort KL | Escorting How is the life like for an Escort in Kuala Lumpur By definition, an escort is a person who keeps someone company in exchange for payment. The person paying is known as a client. Escorts may accompany their clients to dates or events. They may also see clients without ever leaving […]

Escort Girls Occupation Hazard, Things That The Public Unaware Of (part 2)

For Escort Girls in KL however glamorous an occupation, there is always danger lurking at the corner. Escorting Preparations. Before you go to work, it’s vital that you let someone else know where and when you’re going out and expect to return. It also makes sense to agree with them who they should contact if […]

Escort Surviving as an Sex Companion In Vibrant KL, Kuala Lumpur (Part 1)

How to stay afloat as an Escort in competitive Kuala Lumpur Anyone who says that being an escort is 100% safe and risk-free is lying, both to you and themselves. It’s no secret that we live in a society where all professions have inherent risks and escorting is one of them.

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