Catfish : The official new word since 2010

What does it mean? Any relation to this site? Let’s see what it means…

Meaning of the word Catfish

Meaning of the word Catfish

A Catfish


– the process of luring someone into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona….

“he was a victim of catfishing himself”

gerund or present participlecatfishing
– lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.

“he was being catfished by a cruel prankster”


Catfishing is a deceptive activity where a person creates a fictional persona or fake identity on a social networking service, usually targeting a specific victim.[1] The practice may be used for financial gain, to compromise a victim in some way, as a way to intentionally upset a victim, or for wish fulfillment. Catfishing media has been produced, often featuring victims who wish to identify their “cat-fisher”. Celebrities have been targeted, which has brought media attention to catfishing practices.

Needless to further explain, users here mostly are intellectually supreme and gifted with cunning impersonations. Positively, it takes a genius to impersonate BUT………   JUST NEVER MISUSE YOUR GIFT OR TALENT !!!



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