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Differences of Escort vs Prostitution in Malaysia

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What is the Difference Between Escort and Prostitution in Malaysia?

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For many people, there is little difference between an escort and a prostitute. Words interchangeably however, under Court of criminal law, there is a distinct difference that makes one act legal, and the other act illegal.


In Malaysia an escort is someone who is paid to spend time with a client. The person may accompany you to dinner, entertainment venues, business affairs, or simply spend time talking to you. Their payment are for their time in socializing with you. “ESCORT” Malaysia services are legal or either legalized in some countries. However they must have a valid license or be a part of a govern body like a board overlook by ministers. Sexual acts are usually discreet or either it was already written on a blank paper that everybody understood it somehow.


A prostitute is someone who offers sexual services in return for money or other forms of consideration. Many countries makes prostitution a crime within the Penal Code. Prostitution falls under the umbrella of sex crimes in many countries world wide but escort hasn’t been brought up in court yet.

Adding to being arrest for engaging in sexual acts for money, a prostitute can also be charged with a crime if you agree to engage in the act of prostitution or solicit another person to engage in the act of prostitution. Therefore, both the prostitute and the person who is engaging in sex with the prostitute can be charged with a sex crime.

According to few researchers in Google; No one actually knows when do the word “Escort” begin to be a euphemism for prostitute… ???

Also, a person who arranges sexual encounters between a prostitute and another person can be charged with a crime. These individuals are often referred to as “pimps” or “madams.”

Being said that, however; the actual motivations of Escort Service are merely to let the engaging lonesome soul of men to find some warmth in this midst of cold and cruel world. Many good men lose their chance to get married because financial stability comes first in most family trade line as Asian.

Malaysia laws of pimping

An escort, a pimp or a prostitute one can be; they are earning a source of income. Humans kind had been far too been pessimistically or even frown upon what many modern civilizations deem as a profession or rather it is a considerably with a name tag “Professional Workers” to it.

Somehow, in Asia the misconception still lingers on till this very day. Many of this group of Professional Workers still has to lay their shadows and hide in the grey area; between light and darkness but still… WHOM ARE WE TO JUDGE???





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