KL Escort Service To Bring Back Passion To Your Relationship

KL Escort Service To Bring Back Passion To Your Relationship

Long Term Relationship can become tedious…

What should I do?

Can escort spice up your relationship

Is Escort The Answer?






KL Escort Service

There are so many men out there with the exact same questions in the mind…It’s not that i don’t love my wife. We still love and care for each other… But….. But….. When we are in the bedroom, the spark it’s just NOT there…..!!! A long term relationship can become a little tedious when it comes to sex. I’ve had that moment in my current relationship, and we were really close to breaking up because we just didn’t feel the passion anymore. Time To Spice Things Up A Little!…….


Hiring An Escort To Bring Back Passion To Your Relationship

We didn’t want to break up, and we knew we had to do something drastic. We were looking for ways to spice things up, but nothing seemed to be working. We were desperate. To my surprise, my wife was the one to suggest we found an escort who would help us feel passion again. We were going through escortrankings.uk and we found a girl we both liked and who accepted couples. We invited her over and our excitement grew by the minute. I was really looking forward to having our first threesome, and so was my wife.

A Threesome Really Made Us Appreciate Each Other More

I always fantasized about having a threesome with my wife and another girl, but I never thought it would actually happen. I knew my wife liked the idea of a threesome, but I never imagined she would accept another girl joining us. I can’t say it didn’t feel awkward at first, but thankfully the escort we hired was very experienced and knew how to walk us through the entire process. As we were enjoying the threesome, we realised we actually didn’t need to have anyone joining us. At the end of our date, the escort was just there to suggest some new positions we never tried before. We actually hired the same girl a few more times, not to have a threesome but to get some new ideas about positions we could try. Although she was confused by this, she enjoyed sharing her experience with us!

Learning From The Professionals

Once we took the advice from the escort we saw, I knew things were heating up between us in a positive way. Unfortunately, we didn’t take action right away, so we needed more time to bring back the spark we were missing in our relationship. Although we got some pretty amazing ideas from the escort we saw, we agreed to see a couple more escorts and get more ideas from them.

We found a few more girls who were experienced and who had a ton of positive client reviews, so we called them up and had a quick chat with them as well. It’s incredible how easy it was to find passion again once we opened our minds and agreed to try a couple of kinky things in bed. We already tried a threesome, and even though it was amazing, we knew that we didn’t need anyone else to join us in bed. BDSM was one of the things we never tried before but was really fun and arousing to do, especially because my wife and I don’t have any trust issues. Light bondage, a few kinky sex toys and a blindfold go a long way, and we actually do it very often now.

All we needed was to explore different things and listen more to each other about our wishes when it came to sex. Thankfully, hiring an escort was precisely what we needed to do!

Hiring Escorts Isn’t The Only Way To Bring Back Passion

In our case, hiring a Elite London Escort was the trigger we needed to start experimenting. Once we tried a couple of things we never tried before, it was all up to us to find new things to do.

One thing I can say really helped was porn. Although we’re not huge fans of porn, we both realized that watching it from time to time can ignite our imagination, and it definitely helped us include more sex positions we haven’t tried until then. Having sex while a video is playing on the background is also amazing because you can watch it and do the same thing the porn stars are doing.

There are also a lot of sex sites, sex clubs and other online sources where you can check out positions and ideas for the bedroom. I checked out dozens of sex sites on a daily basis, gathering ideas for my wife and me to try as soon as possible. There are some pretty kinky positions and things we tried, thanks to online forums and useful articles. Even though it seems like a simple thing I could have done earlier, I just couldn’t make myself spend time researching how to suppose things up with my wife.

Once we knew the passion was back, all we needed to do was to experiment regularly and listen to each other when it comes to wishes and fantasies. Now, we’re more satisfied than ever, and I can’t imagine being with anyone else!

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