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The reason local girls serving as an Independent KL escort service provider in Kuala Lumpur.

Feedback from the monthly customers enquiry, https://mypinkylady.com/escort/ had recently made an interview with Natasha one of the popular girl in this directory and found out some surprises that had been hidden for quite some time. By digging through these KL escort girls inner thoughts there had been several tragic event that actually happened when an escort girl visits customers or at their respective IN-Call club house.

Violent event that actually took place inside the Berjaya Time Square Hotel, a westerner accused an escort girl of stealing but the real fact is that the westerner refused to make payment as he was not satisfied with the service. Reports made that there were violent pushing and pulling of the girl’s hair. However the matter is solve.

Freelance Escort or Independent Escort option

The truth out there is that whatever there is a job, the club owner decides who will serves the customer, and this reality had made many local escort girl make up their decision to choose as an independent sex service worker. Like any living nature, we just want freedom. As in escort girl’s freedom, she will wish to choose which client, their nationality, ethnicity and so forth. This creates a certain amount of pressure when an escort girl is call to meet a stranger.

However, things are different for foreign escorts girl that works as a sex service worker in Kuala Lumpur. They don’t have the luxury of choices. Where else, KL escort girl have enough contacts and knowledge of Malaysia’s culture. Geographical source of client’s location that are searching for escort girls.

Customer’s Demand and Supply

The increasing number of demand for Kuala Lumpur’s local escort girl increase day to day but these KL local escort is leaving the scene of escort’s agencies slowly but surely. Tourists also do seek out for Kuala Lumpur local escort girl from their enquiries made to escort agencies but the supply does not have the capacity to support the demand.

Sadly that is the truth about what is happening to Kuala Lumpur’s escort service provider. The demand of KL local escort girls had always been constant or either increasing. As a https://mypinkylady.com/escort/, mypinkylady.com had been requesting more KL local escort to advertise their profile and hope that at least we lend a hand to this matter.


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