KL Escort Agency Sourcing Tips

KL Escort Agency sourcing and the basics that one should be aware of.

Living in the generation of Information Technology, sourcing for a services had never been that easier before.

KL Escort Agency


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Party Escort Girls In Kuala Lumpur

Party Escort Girls as a companion for social event.

What is a “Party Escort Event?

In Kuala Lumpur or as the local known it as KL, just in recent years began to popping out from the escort agency a “PARTY EVENT ESCORT’. In fact, PARTY ESCORT GIRLS is a big deal in the west, so is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But sadly to say, not all agencies in Malaysia be able to provide this request as simple as it sounds. If you were to be escorting to an event like this; it sure needs lots of self-confidence; elegancy, head turner.

Party Escort Event dress code?

Party Girls dress and Black tie is a formal dress code for a social function that starts after 6pm. The dress code will mean different things for men and women. According to etiquette guide Debrett’s , a true black tie outfit for a man will feature a black wool (barathea) or ultra-fine herringbone dinner jacket. The jacket should be single-breasted or double-breasted with no vents, silk peaked lapels (or a shawl collar) and covered buttons.

Should just wear a black tie or any tie will do?

White dinner jackets are also wearable for black tie event in hot climates. White evening shirt – in Marcella, a slightly stiffer cotton fabric – with a bib detail and double cuffs are acceptable. The shirt should have a turn-down collar (not a wing-collar) and should be worn with cufflinks. Black tie trousers should be smart with a natural taper, and (if you’re a real black tie purist) a single row of braid down the outside of each leg.

Men’s Party Escort

As for the black bow tie itself? Men are advise to select one that’s proportionate to head size and one you make up yourself rather than a ‘ready tied’ bow tie. A man’s black tie look is finish off with a white handkerchief in the left breast pocket and polished black shoes.

Optional pieces of black tie attire include cummerbunds and waistcoats the two should never be worn together. Costume jewelery or simple bracelets and necklaces are most appropriate.

Women tend to have more flexibility with a black tie dress code. Ladies are advise to avoid tight Red Carpet Dress or those with a dramatic split. They are uncomfortable or inappropriate at a formal event that involves both a reception and a sit-down dinner.


CUM IN MOUTH – Extremely Exciting


It happens when a female sexual partner suck off every load that you shoot. It is extremely exciting and exhilarating. Instead of demanding you too shoot it off elsewhere, she lets you load off in her mouth. Which also she enjoys is very much. If experiencing this sexual actions enjoys you very much then you are in the right place.


Some girls would not let man CUM in their mouth but there are others who enjoys it very much. In My Pinky Lady , we have KL escort that particularly enjoys this aspect of pleasure. In a mental aspect CUM in mouth is a form of submission and dominance towards the female partner. It makes one feel in control as the act of this sexual pleasure needs the female partner to kneel down.

As in the female perspective, these KL escort girls enjoys it very much to have a nutrients of sticky load down their throat. Amazingly some of these sexy girls might even request for it. “CIM” KL escorts is available for your choice in My Pinky Lady.

cum in mouth escort in Kuala Lumpur

Escort Agency Sensual Erotic Girls

Escort agency girls are professional women who are dedicated to satisfying their clients. These girls always go above and beyond to fulfil the desires of their customers. Also, they are experienced in the art of seduction and know how to touch and please men.

Escort Agency Erotic Girls


Escort Agency

You are going to have a change of heart when you meet these gorgeous goddesses. At My Pinky Lady Directory, you will find bombshells waiting for you. We are an online directory and list information about escorts associated with Kuala Lumpur escort agency and also those who work independently.

This is why, we offer you A Free Platform – My Pinky Lady where you can find party lass and party escort girls, offering various kinky entertainments. Through My Pinky Lady – this platform, you can understand what kind of services each of them offers so that you can pick them accordingly.

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Sex Service That Benefits You

Sex Service that benefits you mentally and physically through sexual intercourse.

Mental Stress, physical stress and emotional stress is and was part of our lives whether we like it or not, men, women and even children have or had a stressful encounter before.

Sex Service in Kuala Lumpur

Well, there many ways to deal with it, one of them is have a great ORGASM!!!

If you’re feeling stressed or feel like you need a break from reality; a guaranteed way to get a release is to have an orgasm. Multiple ORGASM if you can!!!


An orgasm can help to relieve the stress and tension of the day and if you’ve been busy recently with lots of commitments it’s a way for your body to relax. Sometimes it’s good to make yourself an orgasm but other times it’s good to share to experience and the passion with someone else. If you’re single or not having sex why not book one of our beautiful Kuala Lumpur Escort Girls for an experience you will always remember.

Sex Service

Our K.L. sex service girls, are always willing to get intimate with their clients and have fun in order to medicate stress; excitement will give you an orgasm just what you may need to be able to switch off and relax. Our approachable K.L. Agency of Escorts has a lot of casual encounter bookings. Many offer the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) service, which is more for those men who want the experience of being with a partner and not an Escort.

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Kuala Lumpur Escort tips to an enjoyable time and make the most of it.

Whatever you decide to do, spending time with Kuala Lumpur escorts will be amazing. However, you might want to come up with a few ways to spend the time with her.


Kuala Lumpur Escort


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Independent Freelance Escort Girl.

KL Independent escort girl

Independent escort girl – Kim

The reason local girls serving as an Independent KL escort service provider in Kuala Lumpur.

Feedback from the monthly customers enquiry, MyPinkyLady had recently made an interview with Natasha one of the popular girl in this directory and found out some surprises that had been hidden for quite some time. By digging through these KL escort girls inner thoughts there had been several tragic event that actually happened when an escort girl visits customers or at their respective IN-Call club house.

Violent event that actually took place inside the Berjaya Time Square Hotel, a westerner accused an escort girl of stealing but the real fact is that the westerner refused to make payment as he was not satisfied with the service. Reports made that there were violent pushing and pulling of the girl’s hair. However the matter is solve.

Freelance Escort or Independent Escort option

The truth out there is that whatever there is a job, the club owner decides who will serves the customer, and this reality had made many local escort girl make up their decision to choose as an independent sex service worker. Like any living nature, we just want freedom. As in escort girl’s freedom, she will wish to choose which client, their nationality, ethnicity and so forth. This creates a certain amount of pressure when an escort girl is call to meet a stranger.

However, things are different for foreign escorts girl that works as a sex service worker in Kuala Lumpur. They don’t have the luxury of choices. Where else, KL escort girl have enough contacts and knowledge of Malaysia’s culture. Geographical source of client’s location that are searching for escort girls.

Customer’s Demand and Supply

The increasing number of demand for Kuala Lumpur’s local escort girl increase day to day but these KL local escort is leaving the scene of escort’s agencies slowly but surely. Tourists also do seek out for Kuala Lumpur local escort girl from their enquiries made to escort agencies but the supply does not have the capacity to support the demand.

Sadly that is the truth about what is happening to Kuala Lumpur’s escort service provider. The demand of KL local escort girls had always been constant or either increasing. As a escort service directory, mypinkylady.com had been requesting more KL local escort to advertise their profile and hope that at least we lend a hand to this matter.

Escort KL Worthy For Your Intimate Weekend

Fantastic Ways To Spend Your Evening with an KL Escort in Kuala Lumpur.

Spending tine with an KL Escort



Photo Spending time with KL Escort is going to be fantastic no matter what it is that you do. However, you may want to have a few ideas as to how to pass the time with her. At MyPinkyLady Escort Agency Platform, we have a couple ways for you to have a little more fun.

KL Sightseeing With An Escort

There’s a lot to see and do throughout Kuala Lumpur and you owe to yourself to explore the sites. Rather than flying solo with everything, you can ask for companionship. We have a number of escorts who are from KL and can serve as your gorgeous tour guides. Whether you visit Merdeka Square, Parliament, or take a ride along the City Centre, it will lead to some incredible memories.

Attend a Special Event with an Escort KL

You may have all sorts of events on your social calendar. Whether you are attending a wedding, a reunion, or a business function, you may be asked to bring a plus one. The best plus one you could possibly bring would be the hottest girl in Kuala Lumpur. At KL Party Girls Escort Service, we can take care of that for you. Plus, you can turn heads when you show up with one of our Party Escort Girls on your arm.

Go Out to Dinner

There are some incredible restaurants throughout City Center Kuala Lumpur. You may even want to get cozy in a booth and ask her to sit next to you. Celebrity chefs are found all throughout the area, ensuring that you can have the ultimate dining experience.

Hit the Clubs

Kuala Lumpur boasts a vibrant nightlife. You can dance the night away without having to pick up girls at the bar. You can bring your own date – and one who knows how to dance. We have some amazing KL escorts who will know how to keep you entertained until the wee hours of the night. You can also enjoy some liquid libations at the bar to help break the ice.

Plan a Carpet Picnic

No one says you have to do anything fancy in the company of an escort. You can have fun simply by planning a carpet picnic within your hotel room. Ask room service to cater a meal and invite her in. It can be the perfect opportunity to get to know her and enjoy the quality companionship that she has to offer. She may have her own way of keeping you entertained.

You can have fun doing anything you can imagine. We have the girls available, so call when you are ready for a good time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

KL Sex Service Escort | KL Call Girl

Surviving as an Escort Girl in Malaysia a Muslim majority country

KL Sex Service | Kuala Lumpur Escort | KL Call Girl

Are they thriving through the lucrative trades in KL, Malaysia?

Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Central Financial Economy of Kuala Lumpur

However the situation is… in KL, Malaysia; Being a Kuala Lumpur escort | kl sex service provider isn’t as lucrative as anyone thinks…

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Kuala Lumpur (KL) Escort Agency web search tips


Web searching can be tedious; when it involves so many of the same industry.

searching tips for an escort in KL

Kuala Lumpur Escort Agencies

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2021 – Tips and Guides to choose a credible and reliable Escort Agency

Escort Agency Sourcing, how to rate them?

Searching in the web for an escort is getting easier than ever, but the tough part is how to choose a sincere and trustworthy Escort Service Provider?

searching through the web for an escort agency

escort agency sourcing










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Men’s SEX Health |it’s overall effect | Reasons they need SEX (Part. 1)

The nature of SEX is in men, they need them like a flower long for a sunshine.

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

The perks of sex extend well beyond the bedroom.

sex service for men health and its benefit

content sex

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An Escort in KL living through Post and Pre-Covid 19

The aftermath of the deadly virus, an Escort Sex Worker in Kuala Lumpur share with us her heartbreaking story.

An escort girl shares her heartfelt stories

Heartbreaking Escort

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Kuala Lumpur’s Escort vs Kuala Lumpur’s Call Girl

Definition of Kuala Lumpur’s Escort vs Kuala Lumpur’s Call Girl

KL Call Girl | KL Escort

The differences of Escort in Kuala Lumpur and Call Girl in Kuala Lumpur – The Malaysian Definitions

Call Girl Service in Kuala Lumpur

Call Girl Service in Kuala Lumpur

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Differences of Escort vs Prostitution… ever wonder???

Sex Service | Escorting | Prostitution

What is the Difference Between Escorting and Prostitution?

According to few researchers in Google; No one actually knows when do the word “Escort” begin to be a euphemism for prostitute… ???










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